Why start a luxury English cashmere brand?


Cashmere is becoming commonplace; so popular in fact that last year cashmere wholesale prices went up by seven per cent. So cashmere has entered the territory of an unfortunate paradox: the high-street luxury. Of course, that should be a good thing — more access to it for me people — but with its commoditisation has been sacrificed its quality, the very thing that makes it the wonderful luxury that it is. 

Longer, cheaper cashmere fibres used by high street brands are not only coarser and of poorer quality, they do not last as long, wear as warmly, nor as well as their shorter, softer counterparts. There have always been uses for the longer cashmere fibres but it is not fine cashmere textiles. Cashmere kilims and rugs of Afghanistan and parts of Mongolia have long been woven from those fibres. 

You would not buy a jumper woven from the same coarse sheep’s wool used for rug making, and you certainly would not pay a premium for it on the high street. The quality of the two threads are so distant as to be different products, though they bear the same name. But cashmere is soft, even when it is coarse and so the high street gets away with its theft. 

That is why we started a beautiful English cashmere brand. To counter this theft of one of life’s great luxuries, to create a brand that celebrates its luxury, but models itself and its products on affordability, quality, but also beauty. 

We want to sell you a blanket so well made, out of such beautiful fibres, that you won’t ever need to buy another one. No built in redundancy, no shelf life, no limitations as to use or to care except your ability to keep moths out of your cupboards and the blanket away from open flames. 

We don’t want you to buy another blanket from Jampot & Sunday, at least not to replace the first one you buy. Of course we hope you’ll buy a second, and a third, but not because the first is useless and gone, but because it is useful and loved and warrants another. We want the pricing to be generous and compelling to you, the customer and we want you to buy it well and to buy it once and for it to bear the mark of its maker for as long as you choose to keep it, which we hope will be the rest of your life. 

Jampot & Sunday was born out of the lost softness of our childhood cashmere. A pure perhaps elitist product but one which has suffered much its own success and one whose beautiful roots we seek to expose and to preserve.

To that end, all of our products are hand made by English craftsmen and craftswomen in a family run mill using techniques that were handed down through generations. Each of our blankets is finished with a sturdy blanket stitch, a sign of our enduring commitment to quality. This is how we started the brand: only producing a limited number of the finest blankets that we can. 

That is how we will continue. 

Making a blanket that our parents can be proud of, one that reminds us of a lost youth, and that keeps us safe from a high street overrun with long-haired imitations of comfort. 

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