In the beautiful village of Marske in the heart of North Yorkshire, was where Emma spent summers with her family. One of her favourite pastimes was to go foraging for berries along the hedgerows of the neighbouring fields and along the windy country lanes. She would spend hours picking the most succulent ones and became an expert at finding the best ones (or so her mum would have her believe).

The next task on the agenda was to make the Jam. This (apart from eating it) was the thing that drew Emma back, summer after summer to her family's house. They would save jars all year round to make the harvest of fruit into the most delicious Jam the world had ever tasted.

Granny T had perfected her recipe and, along with baking the fluffiest scones, never told Emma her secret ingredient.  Instead, on a Sunday, they would all sit (on the most comfiest, snuggliest, warmest blanket Emma had ever felt) and eat the Jam and scones, trying with might to guess the secret ingredient. 

Armed with these memories, Emma, along with her partner Scott created Jampot & Sunday with a nod to Granny T.